Farrow Jamieson was established in New Zealand in 1983.

Since that time, the business has maintained a pre-eminent position in the New Zealand market in the field of specialist recruitment services. Our goal has always been to find high calibre candidates through understanding your business needs and utilising our resources, networks and over 30 years of experience to attract the very best candidates from which our clients can select the right set of skills, experiences and capability to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

Farrow Jamieson will always select a project team that is able to match the task at hand and will have the capacity to enhance our client’s shareholder value. Farrow Jamieson has strong domain experience across a range of sectors including technology, engineering, finance, agriculture, health and construction - we are recognised for the passion we bring to immersing ourselves in a clients industry and securing a deep understanding of the unique business drivers of each.