Farrow Jamieson utilises short #fjchats which are video interviews with people who we think have an interesting point of view or initiative. We also have a "Pathway to CFO" series, which are presentations (either face to face or online video) to executives wanting to gain insights from C-Suite industry leaders and "webinars".

Webinars are used in the recruitment process to give candidates the ability to listen and/or engage with the potential employer as they outline both the role and the company. Candidates have rated this type of engagement as “incredibly helpful” in deciding whether the role was a “fit” for them. For candidates unable to participate in live sessions, a recording link is made available for later viewing.

The story of the Farrow Jamieson Owl

This #FJchat shows the origins of the owl logo and how it has changed over the years, becoming a well-recognised and trademarked image associated with Farrow Jamieson.

FJchat with Laura Stoker from AIRS

Iain MacGibbon from Farrow Jamieson sat down for a 5 minutes chat with Laura Stoker, Executive Director of Global Training for AIRS, an ADP Company on some of the latest sourcing techniques. Of particular interest was the difference in social media use between the United States and New Zealand/Australia.

Radio NZ interview: Addressing shortage of Rural Valuers

Andy McLeod of Farrow Jamieson did a quick radio interview with Peter Fowler and Ben Robinson from Radio NZ on their Midday Rural News program on 16 Oct.

FJchat with Janet Faulding from SEEK NZ

Iain MacGibbon from Farrow Jamieson catch up for a 3 minutes chat with Janet Faulding, GM for SEEK New Zealand.