Farrow Jamieson utilises short #fjchats which are video interviews with people who we think have an interesting point of view or initiative. We also have a "Pathway to CFO" series, which are presentations (either face to face or online video) to executives wanting to gain insights from C-Suite industry leaders and "webinars".

Webinars are used in the recruitment process to give candidates the ability to listen and/or engage with the potential employer as they outline both the role and the company. Candidates have rated this type of engagement as “incredibly helpful” in deciding whether the role was a “fit” for them. For candidates unable to participate in live sessions, a recording link is made available for later viewing.

FJchat with Giles Pearson on using Accountests during the Recruitment Process

Adam Napper from Farrow Jamieson talks to Giles Pearson from Accountests.Well worth a watch if you are involved in hiring accountants and want a tool to make it easier!

FJchat with Malcolm Johns, Christchurch Airport on "the first and last smile for tourists in the South Island"

Iain MacGibbon talks Malcolm Johns about the fantastic growth of tourism at present; what caused it to peak, how does NZ maximise its return and will it last?

FJchat with Mimi Gilmour Owner and Creative Director of Burger Burger

Iain MacGibbon talks with the irrepressible Mimi Gilmour. Auckland hospitality legend, creator of Mexico, Burger Burger, Fish Fish , Jaguar Brand Ambassador.

FJchat with Cory Pearson - on the effect of the Auckland House prices on young professionals

Adam Napper from Farrow Jamieson talking to Cory Pearson who is a Qualified Accountant and making the bold step of relocating from Auckland to Dunedin.