Social Media

Some quick tips on how to "behave" on social media

Be authentic

Include your name and, when appropriate your title as this builds up a rapport with our clients and adds a face to the organisation. Clients are more likely to buy from people that they know and trust.

Consider your audience

When you are publishing on any social media channel, remember that your readers are from varied groups. Take this into account before you publish any material so you do not alienate any readers.

Exercise good judgment

Refrain from any comments that can be interpreted as slurs, demeaning or inflammatory, etc. We will monitor employee use of social media and social networking web sites, even if you are engaging in social networking or social media use away from the office and the content is related to our organisation. Good judgment is paramount.

Understand the concept of community

We want to create a platform where our customers or users feel comfortable sharing, connecting, and receiving help.
Always reply to positive or neutral comments mentioning our organisation within a twenty-four hour period, even if it is just to acknowledge the mention or to say thanks. For negative comments, if they cannot be immediately resolved online it is best to take them off-line. Send them a Direct Message or ask that person to email you their concern directly and resolve it from there. Then remove the post in question.

Respect copyrights and fair use

Always give people proper credit for their work and make sure you have the right to use something with attribution before you publish. Always tag or acknowledge your source into posts in any form of Social Media

Remember to always protect confidential & proprietary info

Be smart about protecting yourself, your privacy and the organisation’s confidential information. What you publish is widely accessible and will be around for a long time, so consider the content carefully.
Never comment on anything related to legal matters.
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