The 266 to Hammersmith

Last month I got my New Zealand Citizenship after living and working here for 10 years.. about time you could say. And you’d be correct This terrific ceremony in Central Auckland celebrated 409 people becoming citizens of this great nation – each one of us with a story to tell as to why we’d chosen […]

Treading a Pathway for future CFO’s

This week saw the 2nd gathering of a networking group of talented up-and-coming accountants at Farrow Jamieson’s offices – ‘Pathway to CFO’. This was an initiative of mine to try and give developing commercial accountants the benefit of the experiences of existing CFO’s in terms of career development in working your way up to a […]

Time to Spam the Linkedin HR Managers

Watch out for Linkedin HR Managers! Well obviously not all of them, just the spam merchants based offshore. Unfortunately for the legitimate Human Resources managers who are attempting to build their networks on Linkedin, there is a scourge occurring. Over the last month I suddenly started getting half a dozen invitations a day from HR […]

Customer Service NZ vs Australia

Customer Service Last week I spent a few days in Australia. Specifically Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast/Noosa. Several things stood out for me. The Australian economy, which will be the subject of another blog, and customer service. This blog is about service. Customer service. Giving the customer what they want. Giving the customer more than […]

Someone’s leaving. What happens next?

Having made the decision that the company does need to replace a freshly resigned position, what happens next? This is the second blog about what we see in our work looking at organisations well and not so well to situations. We suggest alternative ways of responding in the hope that we all might improve our […]

I Quit!….. So, one of your staff resigns…

In our work we have the opportunity to look into the workings of organisations and be part of clients’ processes. So we get to see the good and the not-so-good and be impacted by them both. What we thought we would do is to share some of the common mistakes we see, suggest a way […]