IT Client Newsletter and Candidate Profile List

The run into the Kiwi summer and end of year celebration also tends to mark the point at which many IT organisations – and personnel – take stock of the landscape and a review of actions or activities for the New Year. This year, with signs from various economic monitors showing an encouraging growth in […]

Traipsing through the Provinces – what is happening out of Auckland?

One of the genuinely enjoyable parts of my job is talking with Boards and CEO’s about their business. It is good to hear their views on where their businesses are heading and the challenges etc. In the last two weeks I have been out of Auckland, travelling to the Bay of Plenty, Waikato and Taranaki. […]

The Kiwi “candidate tsunami”

Every year at this time recruiters start thinking about those candidates who will contact them in January, keen/desperate to look at a new role. From mid November until Christmas they focus on “just getting to the finish line”, and then go on holiday. While lying on the beach and catching up reading relaxing and letting […]

Are New Zealand Candidates Ready to “Jump Ship”?

New Zealand and Australian economies are in different stages of the economic cycle, based on New Zealand’s slowly improving GDP figures and the fairly rapid decline in Australia. The Reserve Bank graph below highlights the story. For more detail the link is Normally, as the economy improves skill shortages become evident. I attended a […]

Social Media – Get On or Get Lost!

Social Media – Get On or Get Lost! Inspired by my learnings from the #ebievents Employer Branding Summit Social media is taking the Recruitment world by storm, but why are so many Recruiters reluctant to get on board? Candidates are real people, whose personal interests can tell us a lot more about them than […]

The Art of Rejection

There is nothing we do more in recruitment than reject people. For every placement we make we must reject anywhere from 20-100 candidates in one way or another (depending on your market of course). This thought in isolation can lead you to think that we are in a thoroughly miserable profession where we crush and […]