How’s the market?

Is this the calm before the storm?? Further to my update from last month commenting that the market was all go and really busy … predictably things slow down for what is now an annual flatter period in the accounting/finance market in July & August prior to the end of year rush between September and […]

Employment Landscape Infographic

NBR have provided a great infographic summarising the New Zealand Employment landscape as at August 2014. Let’s call this the Employment version of the PREFU (Pre-election Fiscal and Economic Update) suitable acronyms may be left in the comments section. The Employment confidence score above 100 means that people feel confident about their employment prospects, […]

Customer/Candidate Experience and the BS around Net Promoter Scores

Jon Rices excellent Whiteboard blog of 1 August 2014 refers to the Candidate Experience but also more importantly Net Promoter Scores. I won’t go in to the full description ( wikipedia does it better ( ) but in short it relies on surveying your customers and measuring how likely they would be to recommend your company to others. […]

We have lift off in the Accountancy & Finance employment market!

I know we’ve been saying it for a while and at one point doubted it would happen ourselves… but the first half of 2014 has seen a significant upturn in the demand for accounting & finance people in Auckland. Overall the market has seen: More accounting roles with a more immediate need to fill these […]

“Migration soars” and then the real story unfolds…

A story on the NZ Herald website this week leads with the headline “Migration soars, hits 10 year high” It then goes on to outline which countries these new migrants have come from. So you could be forgiven for thinking somehow New Zealand has opened the flood gates to migrants! The real story from […]

Merger Mania and the stress it creates

With so much change and fluctuation in our industry, how will you be affected? The stress of Merger Mania can be unsettling, with loyal employees questioning their future and potential employees holding back from making a commitment. Imagine receiving an email from your offshore CEO every week updating you on an impending takeover, and this […]