Upcoming Pathway to CFO Webinar

The next in our Pathway to CFO series at Farrow Jamieson sees a success story! Adam Napper created the Pathway to CFO networking group 3 years ago as a platform for successful financial professionals to give career development advice to a group of aspiring accountants. Daniel Malherbe was an auditor at the time and Adam placed him […]

Will your over-reliance on Spell Check cost you a dream job?

I’ve interviewed a lot of people in my 15 year recruitment career. I would estimate that the figure would be over 4000. The majority of these people would be accountants and numbers people who aren’t known for their grammatical prowess, but I have noticed a trend whilst going through candidate’s CVs with a fine […]

Finance Professionals available through Farrow Jamieson

High calibre candidates new to the market in 2015 Whenever we get great weather in the summer the recruitment activity is slow to pick up and this has proved to be the case in the early days of 2015. However, we know economic confidence is high and there is change and turnover of staff going […]

A Recruiter in Blockhouse Bay

I’ve waited a week or so before writing my wrap up for the day at the inaugural #nzlead unconference last week as I didn’t want to compete with blogs which were very likely to be much better than mine and I also needed to let my sunburn abate to a comfort level where I […]

How’s the market?

Is this the calm before the storm?? Further to my update from last month commenting that the market was all go and really busy … predictably things slow down for what is now an annual flatter period in the accounting/finance market in July & August prior to the end of year rush between September and […]

Employment Landscape Infographic

NBR have provided a great infographic summarising the New Zealand Employment landscape as at August 2014. Let’s call this the Employment version of the PREFU (Pre-election Fiscal and Economic Update) suitable acronyms may be left in the comments section. The Employment confidence score above 100 means that people feel confident about their employment prospects, […]