Going paperless

Paypr wants to know why and how Farrow Jamieson are using their product

Disruptive? – You don’t know the half of it

We've all been disrupted before. What sort of disruption are Farrow Jamieson undertaking at the moment?

Conferences – Are they worth attending?

Over the years I have attended and spoken at a number of conferences. Always there is that moment beforehand when you wonder, is this the best thing I could be doing with my time and money? Consistently the RHUB conferences organised by Phillip Tusing of Destination Talent deliver on a number of measures. The speaker […]

End of Year wrap-up and 2016 Projections

2015 has been a busy year in the finance & accounting market. Overall there has been plenty of activity with some notable trends, which include: Two distinct periods of intense activity between February – May/June and September – November. For the past few years I have noticed a drop in activity around the middle of […]

Colliers Portfolio: Insights on finding Rural Valuers

Are rural valuers harder to find than an Aussie holding a Gold Cup? Colliers International’s portfolio magazine outlines the crisis and observations of Farrow Jamieson’s Andy McLeod and Colliers Rural Director, Tim Crighton.

#nzlead Unconference (Auckland) – Wrap Up

This was my second #nzlead unconference having attended the inaugural event last October which was held at a scout camp in Blockhouse Bay (as all great conferences are). Here are my thoughts on that event from a year ago: A Recruiter in Blockhouse Bay. For those of you unfamiliar with what an ‘unconference’ is: basically […]