Disruptive? – You don’t know the half of it

Every meeting or presentation I attend these days has a “moment”, when someone mentions “disruption”.

Usually its when they are selling something.

Usually, their lips are moving but not a lot of intelligent thought is coming out.

For Farrow Jamieson we have been undertaking our own “disruption” in the last few months.

  1. We are renovating our Auckland office, more video and tech spaces for interaction. Acoustic panels to deaden sound (one larrikin thought it was so no one could hear the screams from an in-depth behavioural interview) and a new kitchen so that the coffee is even better. Of course that means dealing with all the delays and frustrations of dealing with sub trades who are so busy that they seem to think they can arrive on the site at their own discretion.
  2. We have transitioned to an entirely new technology platform for our CRM. Moving 100,000 candidate records, integrity checking, re indexing, purging data and still operating!
  3. Decommissioning the last server in Auckland to complete the transition to completely cloud based technology, Office 365
  4. Implementing a new ECM, (Document management system) to allow complete visibility of all documents on all devices and edging us closer to the paperless office
  5. This new website with the Owl as the hero. More video, faster loading and quicker access to the information you told us was important. There is more to come on the website but we took the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach that it was better to get it up and operating and we will finesse the updates later.

So we understand disruption, but also that it has to have a purpose, to set you on a new pathway or break an old assumption. We feel that some of the changes we have made in the last few months have set us on the new pathway. 

We look forward to sharing some of it with you, and apologies if I haven’t returned that call, we have been disrupting ourselves.