Beware the Digital Footprint!

In the last article we talked about Twitter ( and the potential impact on not only your social life but also finding people that you might want to employ. The next area to explore is Facebook (

Facebook is something you might have heard your children discussing or you may have threatened to extract the internet connection from the wall to ensure that some homework is getting done.
“Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life”, Essentially an on line community where you control who gets to interact with you. However once “inside the circle” the interaction takes lots of forms, photo sharing, chat sessions, status updates etc. Most regular Facebook users don’t send a lot of emails (that is sooo last decade). So you assume Facebook is for the teenagers? Wrong. Over 65% of users are over 26 years old and the fastest growing demographic is women over 55 years old.

This all sounds pretty innocuous fun. So what is the problem? Well it’s a small thing called a digital footprint. That’s the trail you leave behind when you use any digitally controlled device. You might think the uploaded photos of you winding down from a tough week on Friday night are pretty funny, shared between friends but is that image consistent with your employer’s desire for a Marketing Manager? Clever people can get access to your footprint, however realistically; most will only be using software that will allow them top line views, such as status and some of your friends.

But be prepared! If you’re looking for another job and starting to apply for roles you must assume that the agency or company is searching on you as must as you are investigating them.
Make sure your profile reflects what you want to say about yourself and your company.

My advice to both parties is to clean up your footprint!

Next month we will move on to linkedIN (