Why Mass Resignations from your company may be coming. Three Reasons to worry.

This is the third blog about what we see in our work when we look at organisations responding well and not-so-well to situations. We suggest alternative ways of responding and ask for your thoughts in the hope that we all might improve our performance or stimulate discussion.

Here are three reasons to be worried. Firstly, over the last 2 years whenever someone left a company the extra work was more often than not, spread around the remaining staff. This kept costs down at a time when they needed to be tightly contained, but it increased stress on staff, at all levels. Employees often felt unable to complain as job opportunities were hard to come by.

At the same time pay increases have been lower than usual or not forthcoming at all. Companies stopped paying bonuses and the reality is that “real” remuneration for many roles stalled and slipped behind the rate of inflation. People are feeling hard done by and this is exacerbated as company results started to improve. While many sectors (retail, building products) have had a tough time, others such as Dairy, non-manufacturing export have performed well, yet there is little differentiation in their pay.

The third reason for concern is, as a result of 1 above, fewer opportunities for advancement existed. The latest Seek job Data (see our analysis of some sectors ) is showing an increase in the number of job postings. Farrow Jamieson has noticed that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find some specialist skills. As candidates realise that the market has turned they may vote with their feet!

What are you doing now to prepare?