Time to Spam the Linkedin HR Managers

Watch out for Linkedin HR Managers!

Well obviously not all of them, just the spam merchants based offshore.

Unfortunately for the legitimate Human Resources managers who are attempting to build their networks on Linkedin, there is a scourge occurring.

Over the last month I suddenly started getting half a dozen invitations a day from HR Managers. Initially I thought I was on some sort of HR hit list (or Like list!). A bit of digging brought up some interesting observations. I have listed three from this morning, below (as I type this a further two have arrived in the inbox). What do they have in common?

    All female
    All with same Job Title HR Manager
    Their current employer is not listed
     All with a slightly “come hither” look i.e. not a professional photo

When you open the invitations they also have some interesting things in common.

    The Companies are Fortune 500
    Their last job is always Hr Manager ( notice the small “r” )
    The period of employment is always 2008 – 2011 (though slight changes to the month do occur)

So what to do?

At Farrow Jamieson we fancy ourselves as being well “connected” (http://nz.linkedin.com/in/imacgibbon) but it took a few days before even we clicked as to what was happening. Once you are connected, the spam will start arriving and pretty soon it will be an avalanche. We reported the Hr assault to Linkedin and miraculously they flood stopped… for a few days. Now it has started again.

Linkedin already has a problem with people abusing the inmail function and many profiles now don’t accept inmail at all to stop the overnight email deluge.

So, everyone, when you see one of these invitations hit the “report as spam” button and see if we can rid ourselves of this HR menace *. Obviously if you know the HR person you would accept their invitation.

*With apologies to the hard working HR people who are caught in the net.