Where do our placed candidates come from?

At farrowjamieson we are sometimes asked by Hiring Managers, “why should I use an agency? I can place an advertisement on a job board myself and get a good response”.

But can you? The answer is yes – sometimes you can. So go ahead. But our role at farrowjamieson is to find more and better people for you not a “good” person, so that we can help your business grow. Finding someone BETTER means you are beating your competitors and growing as a business; “filling a seat” doesn’t achieve that goal.

To display how we can add value, below is a graph drawn from our database. It shows the last Financial Year placements and from what source the final candidate was derived. Last year the vast majority of our placements were sourced from Candidate Search i.e. our database, ‘shoulder tapping’ and proactive market search), followed by Seek and TradeMe.

As you can see, our search efforts have produced 250% more placed candidates than applicants coming through Seek.

What does this mean?

Instead of quality candidates coming to us, we are:

a)      Finding them first

b)      Already have them in our database

So what?

While you are spending time and money producing job ads, our skilled Recruiters are proactively searching not only our database (We have over 100,000 candidates that are searched using Google Search tools) but also the market for candidates who may be interested in your “story”

Not Sold?

“But we use print advertising, you don’t”. Correct – we do not utilise print advertising as research and analysis has proven it to be an expensive and irrelevant source of quality applicants.

So let’s talk Data, Measurement and Results.