Conferences – Are they worth attending?

Over the years I have attended and spoken at a number of conferences. Always there is that moment beforehand when you wonder, is this the best thing I could be doing with my time and money?

Consistently the RHUB conferences organised by Phillip Tusing of Destination Talent deliver on a number of measures. The speaker lists are high calibre, the audiences are engaged and the networking is excellent.

But do you learn anything new?

There has been some Rhub conferences when I thought my brain would explode. The content was so good; with new ideas, reworked business models and stimulating chat. You know it has been successful when a year later you recognise the different things you have implemented in to your own workspace.  Of course not all conferences are the same, sometimes it is the energy of the participants rather than the speakers that make the difference. I have been at a number of international conferences and I can tell you the NZ audiences are more engaged and challenging. The proof is in the twitter trending. At times during the RHUB Auckland conference, #rhubnz was the number one topic on twitter in New Zealand, now that is engagement.

So this year, April 27 (and evening of 26th) 2016. Who should attend and why?

If you are an external agency manager, team leader or just run your own desk, I guarantee you will learn something during this day. You will meet people who have bought and sold recruitment businesses so know the metrics that make a difference, international speakers who are bringing global best practice, technology updates in this rapidly changing landscape. Oh, and you just might meet someone that could influence your future career.

Not a bad investment is it!

So this Year the Keynote is William Tincup. William has a daily podcast and there are big raps from people who have heard him speak. Two agency owners, Mark Chote ex 920 and now and George Brooks ex OCG and now Bureau know how to make agencies hum and be enjoyable workplaces.

Melissa Davies and Bevan Gray understand personal drive, leadership and motivation. Plenty to learn from their sessions. Personal branding is important in the recruitment industry andJames Gilbert from Hubspot will deliver. Mix in Technology with Brett Iredale from Jobadder and Jason Ennor from MyHr outlining what clients are looking for in a supplier and you have a potent day’s line-up.

There are more speakers to be confirmed so I suggest getting an early registration.

Of course you get the added benefit that I will be MC for the day. My job is to ensure you get the most from the speakers and the day itself.

Click here to register and I will see you there.