How’s the market?

Is this the calm before the storm??

Further to my update from last month commenting that the market was all go and really busy … predictably things slow down for what is now an annual flatter period in the accounting/finance market in July & August prior to the end of year rush between September and December.

How much of an impact is the upcoming General Election having on hiring??

Clearly it is quieter than it was a few months ago – some of this can be put down to the ‘mid-winter lull’ when we hit a heavy reporting season for many people and thus recruitment activity dies down.

The winter months seem to be very much a case of ‘head down’. There are fewer resignations, projects are in full flow and are adequately resourced.   These factors combine to reduce recruitment activity. Factor in the upcoming election and it’s no surprise things have quietened down a little.

Confidence levels are still very healthy however so having seen these cycles a number of times in the past, it is only a matter of time before things pick up substantially.

One client who has recently recruited a Finance Manager went back to market after unsuccessfully filling the role earlier this year. They commented that the quality and quantity of candidates they had to choose from was far better.

What can we take from this??

The market can change very quickly – the same job going to market can get very different responses depending on the time of year and the state of the market.

So, now is actually a good time to recruit .. there is less competition for good people and there are quality candidates out there ready for their next challenge if you know how to access them!  Our experience tells us that after Election Day on September 20th until the end of the year – it will be busy, busy, busy!!