Going paperless

Paypr wants to know why and how Farrow Jamieson are using their product

Disruptive? – You don’t know the half of it

We've all been disrupted before. What sort of disruption are Farrow Jamieson undertaking at the moment?

Conferences – Are they worth attending?

Over the years I have attended and spoken at a number of conferences. Always there is that moment beforehand when you wonder, is this the best thing I could be doing with my time and money? Consistently the RHUB conferences organised by Phillip Tusing of Destination Talent deliver on a number of measures. The speaker […]

Colliers Portfolio: Insights on finding Rural Valuers

Are rural valuers harder to find than an Aussie holding a Gold Cup? Colliers International’s portfolio magazine outlines the crisis and observations of Farrow Jamieson’s Andy McLeod and Colliers Rural Director, Tim Crighton.

#nzlead Unconference (Auckland) – Wrap Up

This was my second #nzlead unconference having attended the inaugural event last October which was held at a scout camp in Blockhouse Bay (as all great conferences are). Here are my thoughts on that event from a year ago: A Recruiter in Blockhouse Bay. For those of you unfamiliar with what an ‘unconference’ is: basically […]

Upcoming Pathway to Sports Administration Webinar

Mark your calendars! Next Tuesday, Iain MacGibbon the Managing Director of Farrow Jamieson will be speaking to Brent Robinson the CEO of Auckland Tennis. Brent will outline the career path he has taken from corporate to sports administration and the challenges and opportunities that he has experienced. This online webinar would appeal to those in […]