Originally from the UK, Alex immigrated to New Zealand in 2013 after 4 years of recruiting medical professionals into the UK market. Since then he has recruited accountants and technical specialists into both the Wellington and Christchurch market.

He has presented on several occasions at CFO conferences on what is the DNA that defines a CFO and how they see the role evolving over time, as well as how best to build and then retain a top performing finance team. He has also presented to newly qualified accountants on how best to stay relevant at a time that a number of accounting roles become less technical and more concerned with softer skills and the ability to partner with the wider business and add genuine value.

Alex has demonstrable experience managing a range of professional roles and now works across Accounting, Finance, Procurement and Engineering.

He prides himself on his tenacity and resilience and the ability to find those “needle in a haystack” candidates, but also having the wisdom to advise a client if their expectations are unrealistic and offer alternative solutions.