World Vision

Regional Managers and Major Donor Fundraisers


As part of a strategic plan to meet the demands of a changing donor market, World Vision had just gone through an intensive restructure.
Their goal was to bring a quantum change in the way they made use of technology, to return to their Regional roots, to align more proactively with their Christian sement of donors and to grow their major donor base.
In order to step up their game in these areas they needed to recruit six roles – three Regional Managers and three Major Donor Fundraisers across New Zealand.
The challenging factor was a necessity for the appointees to have a strong identification with World Vision’s Christian network, a genuine passion for the developing world along with the necessary commercial skills to bring a step change to World Vision’s performance.


David Ireland and Gordon Duncan undertook the advertised search for suitable candidates in World Vision’s three regions.
The first part of the strategy was to create an on-line live event that candidates could log into. This was fronted by Gordon, David and included Chris Clarke, World Vision’s CEO.
This described the purpose of World Vision’s restructure, the overall organisation, the nuances of the New Zealand operation, and a description of what was trying to be achieved by the role.
The webinar can be viewed here. Chris Clarke is an engaging presenter and the candidate feedback was overwhelmingly positive, despite the internet crashing mid-way through.
Further to this, David and Gordon networked with an extensive number of their connections in the Not For Profit sector to find the unique blend of skills and motivations that World Vision were seeking. This included ‘spreading the word’ through key contacts within the Christian community. Additionally, they advertised the roles on-line in both secular and Christian jobs websites.


Six difficult roles filled, five with external candidates and one with an internal candidate who became part of the farrowjamieson process and won the role competing against genuine outside contenders.