Tarkwa Gold Mine

A Recruitment Assignment Helped Save a Life!



The Tarkwa Gold mine in Southwest Ghana is a large, open cast gold mine that is visible from space.

Gold bearing ore is mined from 6 open pits and transported by very large haul trucks to two points on the mine where the gold is extracted from the ore by the heap leach process.

The respected Franco-German OEM Liebherr is a major supplier of haul trucks, diggers and shovels for Tarkwa Mine.

Farrow Jamieson was asked to partner a long time NPA recruitment colleague based in the USA in an international search for a Maintenance Supervisor for Liebherr at Tarkwa.

The responsibilities of this role were significant. Because of the huge tonnages of ore they transport, haul trucks require significant and carefully managed maintenance.

The trucks must be in a constant state of readiness and be “fit for purpose”. The role also has the requirement of training up local tradespeople and apprentices in latest repair and maintenance techniques.

The search produced a short list of a trio of experienced Australian and New Zealand Maintenance Supervisors working at mine sites around the world. Interviews were conducted in Singapore then finally in France, where an Australian, then working as a Maintenance Supervisor on a mine in Asia, won the role.

As part of his contract he was required to undergo medical and drugs tests in Australia and he passed these with flying colours. Liebherr handle the process of obtaining Ghanaian work visas for their expat staff in Ghana. On his arrival there the appointee was told he would have to undergo a further medical check. 

He protested that he had done an exhaustive medical exam in Australia but the Ghanaian authorities insisted that he be tested again before they would issue him with a visa.


Blood tests revealed early onset of a form of cancer. The candidate was able to return to Australia, have treatment for his cancer and return to Ghana to commence the job several weeks later.

He remarked to us that his previous tests had turned up nothing and he will be forever grateful that Ghana has a tough stance on health issues for expatriate workers.