Halberg Trust


The Halberg Trust underwent a major strategic review which resulted in a revised mission, new name, new organisational structure and branding.  The new mission, “Halberg Disability Sport Foundation aims to enhance the lives of physically disabled young people, their families and communities, by enabling them to participate in sport”.

Regional roles that had previously reported to local Sports organisations were now coming under the auspices of the Halberg Trust, renamed the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation. New skills were required to deliver on the new vision for the organisation


farrowjamieson commenced a search for a Programme Manager that included the countries that had the best disability programmes in the world; Wales, England and Canada.

The Regional Disability Sports Coordinator roles were advertised and attracted candidates from throughout New Zealand and the commonwealth, a testament to the regard in which the Halberg brand is held.

Towards the end of that process the role of Chief Executive became vacant and that necessitated a thorough review of the market within New Zealand, Ireland, Wales, England, Canada and Australia.


A new team was assembled with experience, enhanced skills and a passion for the sector. After an initial settling in period the new team are focused, enthusiastic and making progress towards Sir Murray Halberg’s vision of “All young people, regardless of their ability, should have equal opportunity to enhance their lives through sport – there are no exceptions!” becoming a reality.

farrowjamieson are proud to continue our longstanding relationship with the exceptional individuals involved in the Halberg Disability Sports Organisation. Follow their progress at halberg.org or on Facebook