..a migrant story

Sometimes accidents can change your life.

Candidate “R” was a recent immigrant from Romania and had a degree in Computer Science but he was quite shy and his English was reasonable but not brilliant so he failed to get any attention from potential IT employers. He was reduced to working in a foundry as a labourer for the first year of his arrival in New Zealand.

During his work at the foundry he got severely burned and had to spend time in hospital where he recovered over a period of weeks. Sadly, before returning to work he got injured in a motor bike accident which was not his fault but caused him excessive financial and physical pain.

“R” became disillusioned about being in this new found paradise New Zealand and didn’t want to go back to foundry work after his accident. Depressed he contemplated returning to Romania but was encouraged to apply for a position of contract computer technician with Farrow Jamieson and was successful in being placed on a one year contract in Central Otago. Within the first three months of his employment feedback on his performance was excellent, his English communication skills improved and so did his confidence.

One morning, sitting and waiting in his driveway to be picked up by a work colleague to take him to work, his flatmate backed out his car and drove over him. Again. unlucky “R” had to spend weeks in hospital before returning back to work.

His remaining time in this contract assignment earned him such great references that he was consequently placed by us in a permanent Network Administrator role with one of the largest manufacturers in Christchurch where he became one of the most senior IT people within the organisation. His technical brilliance soon became known in the market and he moved on to various roles with high profile systems vendors, completed his Master in Business Administration and is today the senior Solutions Specialist with one of the largest Australasian banks.

Not a bad progression from an accident prone, depressed recent migrant to a high performing candidate. Sometimes a little faith is rewarded.